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The Family Genealogist

Family genealogists are historians who specialise in genealogy, offering an expertise borne from years spent handling archives on a daily basis. Their command of documentation is often accompanied by a wide knowledge of the area in which they are working and the families that live and have lived there. Thanks to their familiarity with ancient writing systems, they can read, transcribe and make use of ancient documents too.

Professional family genealogists carry out a wide range of research activities:

  • Direct-line ancestry, cognatic ancestry (by groups of four), descendants, family record books, property origins, histories of houses/businesses
  • Identifiying and creating coats of arms, transcribing ancient texts, bibliographical research, drawing trees…
  • Many other kinds of historical and archival research
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The Probate Genealogist

Probate genealogy was born around two centuries ago; since then, the number of professional probate genealogists has grown and grown, and their activities have become more and more wide-ranging. These genealogists are genuine investigators, consulting all the people and materials they can find in order to reach their goal. 

Probate Genealogists have a special partnership with notaries, and work to:

  • Establish legal devolution of property for people whose heirs are either entirely or partly unknown
  • Prove or disprove the inheritance rights of relatives claiming to be heirs to an estate
  • Seek out heirs or legatees who have been established but whose address is unknown
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Welcome to SYGENE Genealogists’ Union (formerly CSGHF)

35 years on from its birth, the French Genealogists’ and Heraldists’ Union (CSGHF, Chambre Syndicale des Généalogistes et Héraldistes de France) has greatly evolved.

Dynamic and determined to promote the genealogist’s trade in all its forms, our union has decided to look to the future, and is changing its name to:

SYGENE (SYndicat des GENEalogistes, Genealogists’ Union)
The Professional Genealogist Alliance

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