Do you want to prove rights of ownership or use of a property, know the history of a house or a business? Find a family genealogy firm? Do you need to prove the legal title of a water intake?

Are you in Administration?

You want to find the owner or the heirs of a property,

You are faced with a problem of property that is vacant or without a master (squats, unsanitary conditions, neighborhood disturbances, etc.),

You wish to restructure or redevelop the municipal cemetery and you need to identify the beneficiaries.

Are you a Professional?

As part of your professional activity, whether you are a notary, lawyer, legal representative, real estate agent, co-ownership trustee, land expert... you need the skills of a professional genealogist to:

Settle an estate whose devolution is uncertain or unknown,

Locate a beneficiary

Find the heirs of a person to release a property, sell it, collect co-ownership charges,

Identify or confirm the identity of rights holders in the context of an amicable or contentious procedure

Liability Insurance

All SYGENE members are affiliated with professional civil liability insurance as well as the services of an IT and Freedom Advisor guaranteeing the compliance of their processing with CNIL directives.

Within the framework of their specific representation mandate, the estate genealogists who are members of Sygene and are required to hold client funds, have a  financial guarantee. Sygene is a member of the Genealogists of France and signatory of the partnership agreement with the  Superior Council of Notaries.

The estate genealogist intervenes on mandate, in compliance with article 36 of law no. vacancy or escheat, no one may engage in or assist in the search for an heir in an open succession or one of which an asset has been omitted during the settlement of the succession if he does not hold a given mandate to this end. The mandate can be given by any person who has a direct and legitimate interest in the identification of the heirs or the settlement of the succession. No remuneration, in any form whatsoever, and no reimbursement of costs is due to persons who have undertaken or have lent themselves to the aforementioned operations without having been previously authorized for this purpose under the conditions of the first paragraph.


By location, by area of ​​specialism or by member, you can find the contact details of the right professional who can assist you.


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