SYGENE, alliance of professional genealogists

Our Work

Sygene is a solid alliance of professional genealogists, all sharing the same values and practicing the same profession. Our work covers various fields of law and history: from seeking heirs, ancestors or land to holding conferences, every one of our members offers their clients tailored and personalised services, understanding the singularity of each request. Above all, being a Sygene member means giving clients real, guaranteed results. All of our members carry professional indemnity insurance, and within the scope of their specific remit, Sygene probate genealogists can offer their clients financial guarantees. Moreover, our members are aided in their work by a data protection officer, ensuring all their IT work conforms with France’s amended 6th January 1978 Data Protection law; regular internal checks ensure consistently high standards of service.

Sygene is also the co-founder and longstanding partner of the French Genealogists’ Union, the only body which unifies and officially represents the profession in France.