SYGENE, alliance of professional genealogists

You are a professional

For your professional operations as a notary, lawyer, legal representative, real estate agent, co-ownership trustee, land agent, etc, you may need the services of a professional genealogist in order to:

  • settle an inheritance whose devolution is uncertain or unknown
  • locate an assignee
  • find a person’s assignee so as to release, sell or deal with co-ownership fees of a real estate property
  • identify or confirm the identity of assignees in the context of a out-of-court procedure or dispute

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All staffworkers at SYGENE are affiliated to an insurance for professional civil responsibility and to an Advisor in Computer Data and Liberties which guarantee that their services comply with the directives of French Commission on Data and Liberties (CNIL).

Within the powers that are given to them as authorised representatives, inheritance genealogists who are part of SYGENE who hold customers’ funds have subscribed to a financial guarantee.

SYGENE is a member of Généalogistes de France and is a signatory of the joint convention with the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Reminder: The inheritance genealogist operates with a mandate in accordance with French law reforming inheritance rights : “Except where inheritances are subject to the vacancy or escheat system, nobody may search for, or provide assistance with the search for heirs in an open inheritance or where an asset has been omitted at estate settlement if they are not authorised for this purpose. Authorisation may be granted by any person with a direct legitimate interest in identifying heirs or settling the estate. No remuneration, in any form whatsoever, and no reimbursement of expenses shall be due to those who have undertaken or worked on the aforementioned operations without having been authorised in advance for this purpose as per the conditions set out in the first paragraph.” (Article 36 of law n° 2006-728 dated 23 June 2006)