SYGENE, alliance of professional genealogists

Family Genealogists

Family genealogists are historians who specialise in genealogy, offering an expertise borne from years spent handling archives on a daily basis. Their command of documentation is often accompanied by a wide knowledge of the area in which they are working and the families that live and have lived there. Thanks to their familiarity with ancient writing systems, they can read, transcribe and make use of ancient documents too.

Professional family genealogists carry out a wide range of research activities:

  • Direct-line ancestry, cognatic ancestry (by groups of four), descendants, family record books, property origins, histories of houses/businesses
  • Identifiying and creating coats of arms, transcribing ancient texts, bibliographical research, drawing trees…
  • Many other kinds of historical and archival research

After choosing the type of service best suited to their client’s needs, genealogists give a personalised estimate; a contract is then drawn up, which stipulates the deadlines, specifications, costs and terms of payment  to be respected. The genealogist is free to set their own fees.

Family genealogists work with great discipline, endeavouring in particular to always give references for every source, and to provide documentary proof (transcriptions, certificates, photocopies, photographs…) wherever possible to support their findings, presented in a file compiling all their research and conclusions.

A name, a place or a date, concerning you or one of your ancestors, can be all a professional genealogist needs to trace your family tree.